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A sure value for your investment

Customized Izomax Homes are real business opportunities for foreign real estate investors looking to invest in a luxury property in Quebec.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your investments or have a place to call home in Quebec, Izomax Homes offers you properties with high income potential whose construction standards are among the highest in the industry.

Investisseurs immobiliers étrangers - Izomax

An enchanting setting

for a sublime custom property!

Thanks to turnkey properties in prime locations, such as the Bel Air project in Mont Tremblant in the Laurentians, foreign investors who buy with Izomax get the guarantee of a sound investment.

With unparalleled elegance and a modern and innovative architectural style that blends harmoniously into their environment, custom homes by Izomax Homes are a truly unique investment opportunity!

Invest in the Canadian

real estate market

The Canadian real estate market is among the most profitable for foreign investors, who can reasonably expect to make a substantial profit over time.

Canadian real estate property laws are very liberal, meaning an investor is not required to have Canadian citizenship, nor to live in Canada on a permanent or temporary basis.

Investir au Québec - Izomax

Why invest

in Quebec?

Quebec is the ideal place for real estate investments and offers foreign investors a multitude of advantages.

Quebec’s real estate market is very active: properties are sold and purchased effortlessly, and there is a strong demand for vacation or year-round rentals. Plus, foreign investors enjoy low interest rates on mortgages and low transaction costs when it comes to property transfer taxes and notary fees.

Quebec is next to the United States, and its cost of living is among the lowest of all industrialized countries. It offers an exceptional quality of life, an abundance of natural resources, services of every kind, and a safe and protected environment.

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