Your future custom home

A home built to your image

Your new life starts here! Izomax Homes creates the perfect balance between our expertise and your vision for a custom home that lives up to your dreams.

We build your future property based on your lifestyle, your needs and your personality while respecting its surrounding environment.


construction projects

From the preliminary sketches to the final touches, our team is by your side throughout the entire construction of your future home, down to the very last detail.

Innovative and inspiring


Our team will use its expertise and innovation to offer you the highest quality possible for the construction for your custom home.

In the hands of our experts, your custom home will be built using the best materials according to the highest construction standards on the market.

Lot selection guidance

When it’s time to begin a custom prestige home construction project, every aspect must be carefully assessed in order to guarantee the success of this major endeavour.

Selecting the lot for your future home is an essential step before the construction project can begin. Among the features to consider are topography, elevation, and sun orientation.

Thanks to our vast experience in building custom prestige homes, Izomax Homes can guide you in selecting the lot for your future dream home.

Plus, thanks to the contribution of our urban planner and land surveyor partners, Izomax Homes has the expertise and resources required to set up services for the development of new roads.

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